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Most Recent Poem Written

All These Years, I Have Never Said the Word

Yes, words call things into being
so I have never said the word. Instead, seeing

you each morning, holding me as I wake,
I call you here, present-tense.

I makeeach day the present.
I say you are retired to our home-town—how far

is irrelevant. I live there wherever
I live. Light is the light of never, 

the speed of light that propels me
back to our present. My world is we.

My world is the being of us
where I continue to live in yes.

This is how a choosing of words reveals reality.
I am here. You are here. A mutable finality

wins past the body and the body’s breaking.
Wordless, I carry you into the present, beyond this aching.

Hands of a Saddle Maker

Easter in the Cancer Ward

Because it has been years since my hands
have dyed an egg or I've remembered
my father with colour in his beard,
because my fingers have forgotten
the feel of wax melting on my skin,

American Psalms, World Psalms

The Psalm and Then

Then, the Lord heard me in the wilderness of my soul.
Then, the lost place of me became clear.
Then, I recognised distraction for what it is.
Then, I was freed from the desert of diversion.
Then, I was moved to the green oasis within me.

Latest Publications by Nicholas Samaras

You will thoroughly enjoy reading the poety found in Samaras' book 'Hands of the Saddlemaker,' and his newest publication, American Psalm, World Psalm!

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